649825-friends-in-a-path-in-autumn-twoMy intention is for pastors (and people who love their pastors and churches) to use this site to help them think through the challenges before them—like taking a walk with a friend and bouncing ideas off of each other. I know most pastors don’t have the time to set up meetings with counselors, some don’t have a close friend, and others feel disinclined to mention that they’re facing a crisis. I hope this site helps fill that gap.

People fear that conflict will be the end of the church. But there is an amazing healing power in going through conflicts. In reality, conflicts help separate the good from the bad and the ugly. Conflicts awaken us from our moral and ethical stupors and help take the dullness off of our consciences. We grow spiritually through trials and tribulations. Without trouble, we tend to stay the same, complacent and selfish, usually without knowing it.

When we grow and change, the church grows too. When the world outside sees that we’re concerned about truth and justice, it draws them in. Let’s rid ourselves of the view that conflict is bad and needs to be smothered. Instead, let’s recognize that as humans in intimate relationships with others, we’re going to end up in some type of conflict sooner or later.

So this website is going to be full of stories from everyone—my friends, my experience, and your stories, too. Let’s share our challenges, our solutions, and some of the wonderful sheep and biting sheep we’ve encountered in our ministries.

I am looking forward to the discussions ahead.