despairMany church members feel really disturbed when they see their pastor under attack. But they don’t know much of what is going on behind the scenes. Below are some of the unbelievable facts:

-No one wants to talk about it
-Pastors are ashamed and don’t want to admit it
-Most denominational executives and hierarchies seem to be either ignoring this problem, sweeping it under the rug, or, ironically, contributing to it
-There appears to be a shroud of secrecy around pastors being forced out of their churches
-Churches are burying their records of pastors who were forced out of their churches
-To receive their severance packages, pastors are often forced to sign a non-disclosure statement
-These pastors have lower self-esteem, severe depression and more health problems, stress, increasing thoughts of suicide, and even committing suicide
-Pastors don’t know where to go for help, except being sent off for career counseling (a kiss of ministry death for most pastors)
-Pastors’ families are being shattered and split-apart
-Good pastors are leaving the ministry altogether

What kind of problem are you or someone you love dealing with?