I’ve had pastors and leaders tell their stories of psychological games played in the church. What is interesting is that it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, these odd and humorous experiences are the same across the board. One of the favorites is “Pastor Says.” The majority of pastors have been unsuspecting losers of this game.

If you’ve played the game “Simon Says,” you can pretty much guess what happens here. The pastor is wrongly cited on some issue. “The pastor wants…” or, “The pastor says…” or, “The pastor doesn’t want…” There doesn’t have to be any evidence whatsoever for the false assertion. It’s just used routinely by those who need the pastor’s authority to confirm or add weight to their opinion on a matter. “Well, this is just what Pastor Joe said he wanted.” In most cases, the matter is settled right at the spot. No one really wants to argue with the pastor, and those who do, see this as an excellent opportunity to further their antagonism towards him.

Such statements may alienate others who will never go to the pastor and ask whether he really said it or not. All he’ll ever notice is that some people are no longer friendly or warm toward him, or seem to have a disapproving scowl on their faces when he preaches on Sunday morning. If he goes to them and asks them if there’s anything wrong, he is assured that “everything is fine.”

The pastor is the consistent loser of this game. Know what I mean?

Photo via Flickr